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What Tyres?

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Looking for tyres for my new wheels, they are 17" X 7.5". Tyre Guide says 205/40/17 for the VR6. Can anyone recommend a good tyre. Are Federals any good? They are an Aussie tyre and I can get them for 80 yoyos a piece.


Dave B
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thats a good price and i have never heard about anybody having a bad experience with them
QUOTE (gtijim @ Dec 20 2005, 11:45 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thats a good price and i have never heard about anybody having a bad experience with them

Federals are shite, I've taken off plenty of them and sent them to the silage pit.

You've got top shelf suspension and wheels, the last thing you want is cheap crappy tyre's.

Dave, on a Corrado you need either Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 or Bridgestone SO2 or SO3.
Our latest favourite tyre down here is the Michelin Pilot Sport 2, big money and I'd have to check if if they do them in that size, but an amazing tyre,as tested at the Ring,Mondello and on the road on Boxsters,M3's,ZM3s,911's,RS4 etc etc ,the best road tyre we have found to cope with track use.
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For the only thing holding you to the road, do you want to scrimp......get a decent brand wheel

Thanks Tom. what would you make of TOYO PROXES T1-R 205/40 ZR17 84W RF?

Those others are up on 150 euros each? The Proxies I can get for 109
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Dont think Toyos will last as long as Goodyears.
I've had federals on a couple of cars, have no complaints. They had a nice big rim protector on them. Also had eagle f1's and toyo proxis, both of them have amazing grip but really don't last long at all. I have a few friends that use Vreidetsein (spelling!) sport tracks and find them very very good. I remember hearing about some rally that was on in france a couple of years ago with totally standard cars using standard road tyres. Nearly every person there was using the Vreidetsein tyres as they were so good!
I have Federals on my Corrado, as they came as part of a special offer with a set of alloys I bought!

I've been using them for the last few months, and I'm actually very impressed with them! Even on the greasy roads I've been on lately!

They do have good rim protection too
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The Toyos are the best of the budget brands, not a bad tyre at all, but still a ways off the Bridgstone or the F1's. Go the extra few bob, you'll feel the difference, its not as if you're doing 1000 miles a week or anything in the yoke.

Re Verdsteins, again, not a bad tyre, we use a lot of there tyres on normal run of the mill cars here, the Ultrac would be on a par with the |Toyo's. I have a set of 18s I got to try out on the other halfs MkIV Gti, they are a pretty decent tyre.
What are te Falken FK-451 or ZE-512 like? I've heard good reports about Falkens, the ZE-512 have rim protection aswell.
Falkens belong on the same silage pit as the Federals........
Im also in the process of changing tyres..

195 45 r15's.

Any ideas?
i had bridgstones on the vr and the g60 when they were 15's and i used to drive hard on not very good roads, so they get a big thumbs up from me!

As for the bigger wheels, i have eagle F1's on my 16v and they are great
but tyres are unfortunatly part of the old addage, you get what you pay for!
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no point putting nankangs finest ditchfinders on a goodcar but id have em on my tdi passat as its only for buzzing about. id say the F1s on the rallye will rot off it before they wear out
Have found toyo proxes for 48sterling each including delivery... Go for it?
what about Pirelli's?

What about these partworn tires coming in, some are good makes and go for little money, are they worth buying?
QUOTE (Sinead @ Dec 20 2005, 04:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Im also in the process of changing tyres..

195 45 r15's.

Any ideas?

I had that size on my astra years ago and used BF Goodrich Profiler G. I thought they were an unreal tyre. Then again it was my first set of tyres that weren't like 175/70/13 so maybe I was just a bit too enthusiastic
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The BF Goodrich Profiler are good.
QUOTE (VST @ Dec 20 2005, 04:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Falkens belong on the same silage pit as the Federals........

lol, I'd have to agree with that though!

I've tried the ZE 512's and was far from impressed with them. The only plus being a good rim protector. Having said that the FK 451 is supposed to be a lot better and a lot of guys on one of the Scooby forums (can't remember which one) swear by them. They are a right bit dearer than the ZE 512 so may possibly be a good bit better. I have no experience of them but I did price them before & they are expensive, in the end I went for Eagle F1 GSD3's which I got a good bit cheaper. Only had them on the car for a week as I sold it but I was pretty impressed with them in that time.

€109 per corner for Toyo's seems like decent value. I paid €150 each for Proxes T1-S 225/40/18's, very soft = grippy but don't last pissing time. Burned them off a TDI 115 Golf after 3000 miles...and that wasn't hard driving, motorway stuff. In retrospect I didn't need grippy tyres for the driving I was doing, Nankangs or Federals would have done rightly!!!

I reckon the Goodyear Eagle F1's would last longer than the Toyo T1-S though. T1-R is a later offering from Toyo. The tyre you need depends on the way you drive & the roads you drive on. If you drive hard then go for F1's, SO2's, SO3's etc as already advised...if you dodder along at 40 I can't see you requiring Michelins or Goodyears finest though!
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Thanks for all the info guys.

After much research on the web and price checking. Went through eiretyres and tyre test sites also looking for info on each tyre.

I have decided on Hankook Ventus Sport K104's as best tyres for all round holding and road noise according to information available to me. 101 euros each in eiretyres and got them for 98 each from a wee garage in Frenchpark, Co. Roscommon.
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