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Vag F1 Team

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Why have we not seen one? I'm a big F1 fan and think that would make me an even bigger one.
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It's rumoured (Autosport) that Eddie Jordan had some meetings with VW before it was sold to the Midland Group. It's sorry that a motor corporation the size of the VAG group has no intrest in F1.

It's also very sad the the yellow cars we be no longer.

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Yeah, given the fact that VAG would be in direct competition with the likes of BMW & Mercedes they should have some kind of representation. Even if thet just produced an engine for a few years for the smaller teams to get a foot in.
VAG must have a smallish motorsort budget apart from the likes of the R8 , as they've no large presence in rallying either.....judging from the way companies are leaving the WRC , mebbe the bean counters don't see motorsport as a cost effective advertising option anymore....sadly..
That's where the problem lies, fecking bean counters, and not enough engineers sitting in the top chairs of the manufacturer's.
Example, one top ranking eejit at Ford asked the question, Who's this Eddie Irvine we are payng 7 million a year to. Now, I ask you, what was this gobshite doing in a motorsports department. It's not that Eddie had a small profile in F1.

it looks to me like they'll only take on fights that they're sure of winning, especially with the Audi and VW brands.
Suppose your right, they can let Skoda and Seat do the hard work.

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