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>>A man travelling by plane was in urgent need of the toilet. But each
>>time he looked up the illuminated sign proclaimed that it was
>>occupied. The stewardess, aware of his predicament, suggested that he
>>use the plane's new prototype women's toilet. But he mustn't press any
>>of the buttons inside. They were labelled WW,WA,PP and ATR.
>>The man's curiosity got the better of him and he started pressing the
>>buttons. When he pressed WW, Warm fragrant Water was sprayed all over
>>his ass. He thought, WOW, the women really have it made.
>>Still curious, he pressed the button marked WA, and a gentle breeze of
>>Warm Air quickly dried his hindquarters. He thought this was fantastic

>>reached for the button marked PP. This yielded a large Powder Puff
>>that delicately applied a soft talc on his rear.
>>Naturally he couldn't resist the last button marked ATR. When he woke
>>up in the hospital, he buzzed the nurse.'What happened to me? The last
>>thing I remember is that I was in the new ladie's room on the plane.'
>>'Yes, apparently you were having a great time until you pressed the
>>ATR button, which stands for Automatic Tampon Removal. Your penis is
>>under your pillow.

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boom boom as basil brush would say
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