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Got a text from a (not that word that resembles bad) who wanted to come view my car that I had up for sale a few months back, Just the usual type of text, '' Is your car still for sale and if so can I come look at it'' I said no problem at all and told him im at work and by the time I get finished it will be dark.

So Told him to text the missus, sent him on her number and to ring her and organise a place to meet. So that's grand, He meets herself to look at the car, he took it for a spin, he was asking all the right questions and making the right motions of being genuinely interested etc.... That's what my missus told me.

I got busy in work so I said id text herself to see how it went, So here I go, ''Did a fella come look at the car'' was my text, or so I thought. Put the phone away and was surprised I never got anything back after an hour had gone by, so I checked the phone, And then realised I had received a message but must not of heard it.

Message was from this guy who went to view car, saying ''Fairy!!! Up YOURS Cu*t'' , Turned out I managed to send him a message saying ''Did a Fairy come look at the Car'' .

Not sure how the feck I managed that, autocorrect disaster and ive even tried repeating that and I cant get my phone to do the same thing. So like an utter plonker tried explain what happened but the (not that word that resembles bad) was having none of it, All I could do is laugh at myself over it, He never replied so I have a feeling he aint buying.
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