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Turbo Experts?

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went looking for my lost boost today, ripping the turbo off expecting to see some vanes missing, stripped the whole thing to find the turbo perfect. i have another "altered" one ordered, so am going to stick this one on ebay, is there anything else that could be wrong with the turbo if theres no cracks or vanes missing?
got rid of all the restrictive bits in the pre intercooler pipework while i was at it( you can see the black standard piping vs the new alloy piping in the second pic) and measured up for converting the i/c into a single pass setup. didnt think id ever see the ibiza like this again!

ps does anyone have any contacts for an alloy weld on bracket for the map sensor with a radiused adge ? had seen them in stainless but never alloy.

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blew a boost pipe off, turbo made boost after i put pipe back on but only for a second, immediately tailing from 25psi to 13/14 psi. car has never ran the same since!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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