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The Traveling Cork man

Many years ago, when the big oil companies were drilling for oil in the Middle East, Esso came upon a huge oil well in a remote desert area near the sea. in no time there were numerous pipelines, a large jetty and roads and accommodation buildings had been constructed.
Esso informed the local Sheikh of developments. He got on his camel one day and came down with his retinue to inspect the new city. When the Esso boss had finished showing him around, he asked the Sheikh what name he wished to give this new city.The Sheikh thought for a moment, and then he spotted a large boat coming in with new workers from various European countries. He said "I will name the new city after the first person to step off that boat".They all went down to the quay to greet the boat and the first person to come down the gang plank was a Corkman.
The Sheikh was standing there before him and said "Stranger, I have decided to name this great new city after you".
And the Corkman replied...

"Do, boy".
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