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so called as i had it for 5 years and shortly after buying it it developed a misfire, 3 garages and E600 later it was still misfiring and no one knew why.
being 18 i hadnt a clue either so i bought a civic and parked it up and vowed to come back to it some day and "DTM" it LOL

so finding myself with alot of free time latley i set about fixing it up and actually using it,
here it was when i bought it back in 2006,

and here how it sits last summer,

so first thing first i stripped it apart and whipped out the engine,

after taking off the manifold i found oil in the exhaust chamber of the misfiring cylinder,

so im assuming a valve oil seal went and oil was filling into the cylinder casuing the miss,
ripping the head off i noticed the headgasget had a crack in it too

so i said f**k it and went looking for another engine, about a month later LOL i find one 88k and Timeing belt done at 75K
Polished the Valve cover and power washed the engine bay and fitted it back in

ill leave it there for now
will be alot of updates in the next week or two

sorry about the shitty quality pics all i have is my phone,
i know this is a weak first update but comming up xxr 002's coilovers and lots of LOW

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QUOTE (ali-_d1936 @ Apr 14 2011, 11:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>ya xxr 002's 15x8 et0, PM me if you are interested in them lukaz i might sell them yet
or seeing as your in sligo ill let ya try them on someday for a fit if you'd like

Im affraid these are not the right offset, et0 it will be stickin out past the body a lot on the front, if ya want to go realy low you have to change the tyres as well, best size will be 185/45/15, will look good strechted on that rim

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QUOTE (Lukasz @ Apr 15 2011, 12:41 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Im affraid these are not the right offset, et0 it will be stickin out past the body a lot on the front, if ya want to go realy low you have to change the tyres as well, best size will be 185/45/15, will look good strechted on that rim

ya if it was me id get 195 45 15 like i had before but these tyres where on the wheels when i got them so ill see how i get on
gonna pull and flare the arches and give it as much camber on the back as it needs,

so everything in and runnig 100% delighted cant belive it took 5 years to get here LOL

so to celebrate i said id go cooking.. my headights
did this before on the Civic so said it has to be the same setup for the golf

90* for 5 minuites remove clips and pull away the glass from the plastic housing,

sand the area you want to spray and mask the rest and give 3-4 coats of matt black spray paint


then just stick in the oven again for 5 minuites and push the glass back into the plastic the silicone will later set and stick back to the glass

i also made a badgless grill just got to paint it now and swap the mk4 style lights for my dark ones i think it will look alot better delighted its running tho

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took these the other day (shitty camera on my phone), got some 185-45-15 tyres and sunk it with the coilovers, there is a lil poke in the front but im not bothered, i thought id get it sitting properly by diling in some camber up front but it just left the steering a bit all over the place so ill live with the little poke, and i can defanatly sort out the rears with camber by sticking on a couple of washers between the hub and axel,
now i just have the problem of the exhaust down pipe rubbing off everything when i drive, was going to get a friend to cut it and lift it up as there is space for it to sit closer to the sump, or dose anyone know any other methods of getting it to sit closer to the sump?

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QUOTE (Mk3McG @ May 21 2011, 10:18 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thats looking good now XXRs suit very well

cheers man ya they go well togther

QUOTE (Project B5 @ May 21 2011, 11:45 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>x2

I like the civic too.... it dosen't look to be a 'Type R' repmobile

Golf still looks better though

Haha that civic was my pride and joy had to part it because i was getting offers nothing close to what it was worth
really miss it had it set up perfactly for such a low car really comfortable never rubbed or bottomed out

QUOTE (ventojetta @ May 21 2011, 01:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice work man, looks very nice.
Cheers lad

QUOTE (matt.finn @ May 21 2011, 02:36 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I actually love this car

thanks man,

borrowed my brother camera as its 100 times better than mine and took a few better snaps

so have these in the pipeline, a set of inpro rear lights, comming from a lad in england just waiting for him to sort out the delivery and they should be here

than a set of smoked long indicators and foglights as i cant find another set of vortex foglights,
dont know to go with the LED foglights

or just the usuall smoked foglights?


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QUOTE (ventojetta @ May 23 2011, 01:00 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Smoked foglights if you have to. Not too fussed about the rear lights, like the one's that are on it tbh, if anything all red rear lights would be sweet. Actually loving this, simple and effective!
I think your right about the rear lights, I think the reason the car looks so well is because bar the wheels obv the car is very period correct, like I had mk4 style head lights on it and didn't like them because they just didn't look like they should be there and them tail lights look very busy and attention grabbing, ideally id love gti rear lights with the indicator section clear not amber, the same as the reverse light section, but don't think a set like that exist
the lights are cheap anyhow ill stick on and see how they look
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