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Strut Tool

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Do I need this tool to change the shocks in the Golf Mk2 GTi?

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It's a help alright but I changed springs before without it. I just kept the spring compressed and tightened the nut with a "snipe nosed" pliers as hard as I could, might not be the right thing to do but it seems to have worked
When I said about filing a nut to leave two teeth on it I didn't think it through properly, it wouldn't really work.
Instead you could make a tool like Dave said (using a socket) or get a bit of metal tubing and file it down to form the two teeth and then weld a nut to the top of it. You could then use a spanner to tighten the nut on the strut rod and still be able to hold it in the centre with an allen key.
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You dont need one at all.Just hit the nut round with a hammer and
flat screwdriver or get a long reach 13mm socket and cut it back
leaving the two "tits" sticking out.
It would be a help if you were doing a lot of them but I always just do like what JMS said above and it seems to work ok. Hold the nut with a snipe nose pliers and tighten the whole lot using the allen key in the top of the shock.
Thanks. I'll go solo on this. THere's always satisfaction when you can make a tool for a job yourself. Save a few bob in the process.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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