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Some Parts For Sale

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really need to clean some parts, saving up for college and a bit of travelling this summer. so need to put some dosh together

-mk1 polo- rolling, no interior,no windows or doors or boot. just the bare shell- front arches are rusty but could be of use to someone, front pannel very good, rear panel perfect, all a,b,and c pillers are in perfect condition, no rust- and the roof is very straight. might be of use to someone as a repair car for a derby/polo.

1.1 engine,and running gear im holding onto

dont have the log book-(might be able to get it) but would suit better as a donor car for repair parts.

150euro ovno

mk1 derby- door- rusty,but could do as repair pannel. 15euro

mk1 derby front grille- perfect condition 60euro

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bump for repair panels.. the A,B and C pillers in the polo are perfect
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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