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Rolls Royce Track Day Car

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Anyone on here get PPC mag this month. Nutter's just went and bought an old Rolls Royce as a track day car. Should turn a few heads. They reckon they should do something different.

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looks mental, they had it at Le Mans, here's a few pics

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There was one that used do the long distance rally's in the 1960's and 1970's
It was run by an english man, it had the exhaust routed to the roof through the bonney and a snorkel for air too
I must look for some pics
Great engine shame about the car, it is liek a boat on the road
PPC, get it every month along with Retro Cars, Vw Ultra, Volksworld, PVW...... an aloada bike mags!
@ Dirty 1. Did u get this months. Had the artical about being at Le Mans, bloody.

Great mag

Sure did!

did anyone see this months Retro car??? Loadsa Oldskool German race cars, wide arched A50/mK1 Polo's and Roccos, plus loads more German car porn,

anyone see the 27 litre tank engined rover in it?
QUOTEanyone see the 27 litre tank engined rover in it
There is a link to that thing running and driving on their website. An absolute monster.
There is a few pics somewhere of it on the goodwood? festival of speed up that hill.
@Dirty 1 ; Yeah the Audi 50's in particular , and the Opel Kadett Coupe at the Nurburgring were absolutely gorgeous!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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