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This lad in work got the bullet, so he let everyone know... Brilliant...

From: Barnett, Luke, VF-IE
Sent: 06 February 2006 13:42
To: Roe, James, VF-IE; Brogan, Frances, VF-IE; Brogan, Letisha, VF-IE; Burke, Kevin, VF-IE; Carton, Kimberley, VF-IE; Connolly, Seoirse, VF-IE; Dodd, Sandra, VF-IE; Donovan, Aoife, VF-IE; Elders, Michael, VF-IE; Flanagan, Declan, VF-IE; Flannery, Edward, VF-IE; Fry, Timothy, VF-IE; Gavrilovich, Daria, VF-IE; Giffney, Kathleen, VF-IE; Griffin, Lorraine, VF-IE; Healy, Thomas, VF-IE; Ingram, Miriam, VF-IE; Kinsella, Stephen, VF-IE; Lynch, Paula, VF-IE; McDermot, Paul, VF-IE; O'Brien, Fiona, VF-IE; O'Leary, Lynsey, VF-IE; Pickering, Amy, VF-IE; Pollard, Erin, VF-IE; Reidy, Elaine, VF-IE; Rossiter, Damien, VF-IE; Sheehan, Audrey, VF-IE; Sosa, Shelley, VF-IE; Sullivan, Aaron, VF-IE; Tarpey, Susan, VF-IE; Taylor, Adam S, VF-IE; Barrett, Colin, VF-IE; O'Leary, Ronan, VF-IE; O'Connell, Valerie, VF-IE; O'Connor, Paul, VF-IE; O'Connell, Shane, VF-IE; Herbert, John, VF-IE; Moylette, Colm, VF-IE; Quinn, Sinead, VF-IE; Callery, Sarah, VF-IE; Bray, Stephen, VF-IE; Lawless, Anthony, VF-IE; Lee, Barry, VF-IE; Larkin, Elizabeth, VF-IE; McNevin, Orla, VF-IE; Markey, Neil, VF-IE; McCabe, Pamela, VF-IE; Mccarthy, Brian, VF-IE; Spencer, Sandra, VF-IE; Spencer, David, VF-IE; O'Brien, Caitriona, VF-IE; O'Duiginn, Rory, VF-IE; O'Brien, Barry E, VF-IE; O'Brien, Barry P, VF-IE; Dunne, Lisa, VF-IE; Hallinan, Michelle, VF-IE; Nerney, Caroline, VF-IE; Sherlock, Eileen, VF-IE; Hogan, Karen, VF-IE; Yoakley, Linda, VF-IE; Hayes, Madeline, VF-IE; Berigan, Keith, VF-IE; Butler, Ben, VF-IE; Coll, Grainne, VF-IE; Connolly, Ellen, VF-IE; Marriott, Charles, VF-IE; Carthy, Michael, VF-IE; Conlon, Alan R, VF-IE; Collins, Alan, VF-IE; Eoin Morris; Farrell, Sarah , VF-IE; Gemma Carew; Jansen, Lee-Anne, VF-IE; Kenealy, Robert, VF-IE; Kelly, Martin, VF-IE; Kedney, Brian, VF-IE; Maher, Sean, VF-IE; Oliveira, Carlos, VF-IE; [email protected] <mailto:p[email protected]>; Ailbhe Shortt; Quinn, Claire, VF-IE; Tadhg Fallon; Wallace, Leona,VF-IE; Moriarty, Colm, VF-IE; [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

Cc: Harris, Valerie, VF-IE
Subject: My last farewell....(please forward to anyone I forgot as had to write this fast)

Wellety Wellety Wellety,

Its all over I'm afraid my friends.
I've been workin here 2 and a half years and well its been work.

Lets be honest it sucks working here and the only tollerable thing has been knowing that you guys all hate it too.

Was just asked if I'll miss working here and anybody who knows me will know straight off that of course I wont, but I
will miss knowing most of you guys on a regular basis.

I've had some great experiences while working here(most of them in the 6th floor handicapped toilets with an oul pal who used to work in agent support, no ones ever up there after 4pm its great). Other great experiences include going home at 5 or getting pissed with all you guys after work.

The reasons that I am leaving is because of two things:
Thing the 1st: I missed a load of days last year and when I missed one this year I gave her the ammo she needed(for a reference to who 'Her' is see Thing the 2nd)

Thing the 2nd: Cant rememeber if its C then star star then T or C then star then UNT for it to send, eitherways the second reason is Valerie Harris. She wanted me gone from the team because "My absences were effecting the team" and now for some reason some idiot put her in a place where she can pursue people who have lives as she doesn't. Anywho, in the long run I've been talking about quitting for ages and now its done. (I was offered post-paid to stay, I believe it was Cartman who said 'Suck my Balls')

So to all of you who I will really miss(some of u I wont but I doubt u care either so we're all winners), its been a pleasure but as I wont be doing a goodbye for Luke drinks night I hope I'll see you around soon.

Just remember guys its only a job and people like Rigney Dolphin and Valerie Harris are number people who'll never be any more than just that, this is all they've got, don't let it be all you've just got.

I love you all&#8230;.well most of you. if your interested to see what I'm doing at any stage.

(contact numbers underneath along with new email if you wanna stay in touch)


Luke Barnett
Business C**k Executive
Customer & Channel Management

Contact mobile: 00353 (0) 86 1541487
E-mail: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

Vodafone Ireland Limited
Registered Office: MountainView, Dublin 18
Registered in Ireland NO 32967


The content of this e-mail may be confidential or legally

privileged. If you are not the named addressee or the intended

recipient please do not copy it or forward it to anyone. If you have

received this email in error please destroy it and kindly notify the

sender and [email protected] <mailto:p[email protected]>. Email cannot be

guaranteed to be secure or error-free, it is your responsibility

to ensure that the message (including attachments) is safe

and authorised for use in your environment.

Vodafone Ireland Limited. Directors:- Paul Donovan - Chairman (UK), Teresa Elder - Chief Executive (US), Edward Langston (UK), Gerrard Fahy, Mark Evans (UK), Alfred Kane, Patrick Teahon, Registered in Ireland at MountainView, Leopardstown, Dublin 18.

Co Reg No.: 326967 VAT Reg No. IE6346967G


I am not small, I'm just concentrated!!!

The information contained in this e-mail and any files transmitted
with it is confidential and may be subject to legal professional
privilege. It is intended solely for the use of the addressee(s).
If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, please note
that any review, dissemination, disclosure, alteration, printing,
copying or transmission of this e-mail and/or any file transmitted
with it, is prohibited and may be unlawful.
If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please promptly
inform the sender by reply e-mail and delete the material.
Whilst this e-mail message has been swept for the presence of
computer viruses, eircom does not, except as required by law,
represent, warrant and/or guarantee that the integrity
of this communication has been maintained nor that
the communication is free of errors, viruses, interception or

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thats brilliant, ide love to write an email like that myself

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Hmm. Many of would like to , but wouldn't.

As as aside, I dumped Vodafone the day they appointed Alfie "I made millions out of EIRCOM, for myself" Kane a director.

I suppose it was the least they could do for him after he sold EIRCELL , to VODAFONE, so cheaply.
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