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Radios For Sale.

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Hey guys just got a few radios im trying really hard to get rid of and no one wants them. there to plain for th emoney, even though there actual the best all round unit in the pioneer range. sq is very good off them.
anyway there

DEH-P77MP rrp is€499 got 5 of them at €399 and will knock anothe rbit off to all members of the site.
heres a pic of them as well. so you know what they are.
Give us a ring on 0404 49211, and if noone is there ring me on 0876629389.

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Hey tim wont be for a very long time buy the looks of it. Ill be moving up to belfast in jan so it makes it an even longer trip.I can post it no bother tim. work out around 15 for next day.

Yup i got 2 nice units brian was actual just about to give you a pm. lol
9831r and a 9835r the 35 is the top of the line a bit pricey but amazing unit.
Hi guys due to a fact i didnt relise id got these units at a speical deal. im willing to look after the vag communite extra speical on this 1 for th enext few days so get back to me. when i mean special i mean it very good price. Also tim get back to me as well the price i gave you i can knock a bit more off because of this only realised it. so i have 4 of them left should go quick enough. thanks guys
Ok guys have 4 of these that have to go so if you can help me out it would be grat i kno wyou all want one
thanks guys.
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guys got to get rid of them, i know a few people were asking me about them. so they have to go soon.
Np Brain i know the feeling. i was jsut trying to make sure everyone rememebered thats all.
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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