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Powersteering Parts

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looking for the following bit for fitting powersteering to a standard mk2 golf..

powersteering pump
3 pullies ( crank, waterpump, pas pump)

also the bracket that holds the resevoir on

i have everything else.. will buy seperate or all together.

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I would have a PAS pump with the bracket for you but it would need a pulley and to be reconditioned (I have two infact but both need a recon).
I don't know how successful reconditioning them is to be honest but if you can't get a good secondhand one give me a shout.
Did you price a new pump?
Pm. Sent
can someone comfirm if the pump off a seat cordoba 95' will fit or is the same as the mk2 one.. i'm assuming bracket will be different and i know pulley will need changine..
What engines are you talking about in the mk2 and seat?

I assume 1.6 or GTI mk2 since you are talking about water pump pulleys but what engine is in the cordoba? As far as I know the 1.4 one is different. A pump from a 1.9 diesel mk2 or cordoba will work but you will need a different pulley.
yea mk2 gti.. the cordoba i have is a 1.4 so i'm guessing it won't fit..

looks like the search goes on for the right parts
Is it a 16v mk2?

If it's an 8v you shouldn't need the waterpump pulley, just the outer part of the crank pulley and the pas pump pulley. As I said you can get the pump and bracket off a 1.9D Mk3, you can also use the outer part of the crank pulley off that I think, so then the only thing you will need is the pas pump pulley.
thanks for that.. time to go to my local scrappie.

thanks again everyone
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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