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Pair Of Twin 45 Side Draught

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As above.

These are almost new! I bought them with 40 miles on them and they've sat in the box since!
They come with 2 sets of trumpets.
These are one of the last sets of factory polished webbers i beleive!

Pm for price!

I'm in Dublin!
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Some of the Webber staff in the UK have set up a company, called Webcon, or somehing like that to supply parts etc. So should be no problem getting bit's

You can get parts here handy enough! Can't think of the place off the top of my head!
Need to shift these!
HI Neil,

Would these fit a 1.8 16v engine? What other parts are needed to fit?

Whats the price?
All thats needed is the manifold kit, comes with the linkage and gaskets. will bolt straight on then
Cheers Rmn
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