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I'm looking for first hand experience and recommendations/warnings: I got two front door cards for the Audi from Germany because I want to replace the cards I already have: they have speakers cut into them and they're "incorrect" if you know what I mean. So I want to recolour the new uncut front cards to match the stock rears. Or repaint all four of them in as close a colour as possible to the stock cards. That way I'd be sure they match.

So, any recommendations?

I also want to freshen up the carpet, it's sunbleached along the top of the tunnel. it's a beige colour. I reckon a paint should do it but does anyone have any experience doing this or recommendations on paint? I could get the carpet retrimmed but the factory carpet is a one-piece moulded item, the retrim would be made up of loads of individual panels so wouldn't look right.

I'm close to just going to Homebase and buying the closest colour they have and just lashing it on but if there's a more scientific way I'm all ears
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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