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Not Funny.......more Strange.

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definitely not for the squeamish, or if youve been on the drink last night!
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AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaghhhhhh boy.......!!!!!!

Thats horrible. There is nothing strange about that. How in the name of sh!t did you come across that? What stuff were you looking for?

WARNING; For anyone a bit squemish (spelling) DO NOT watch this.....

I'm going off for a puke
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I second that, Conrad, I am getting worried about you, is it just my computer or was that a page full of porn links!!! With a rather disgusting movie in the middle.

I heard of strange fettishes. but if thats what you look for when looking for porn I'm concerned for your mental health
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its ok guys , it was linked on another site, HONEST!!!!!!??????
Be carefull with that link, I'm getting porn pop ups for the last 2 day's. Can't seem to get rid of them, even after sutting down and they came back the next day.

Anyway, how did you find that, or do we really want to know. Have you got strange hobbies outside of cars.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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