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Non Starting Mk2

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Had the mk2 ready to leave this morning to go to the Portlaoise meet and it wouldn't start

When turning the ignition to the 1st position the fuel pump primes
but when I turn it to the 2nd position nothing happens

Battery is fine, think it may be the ignition switch.

I have a spare ignition switch so think I might plug it in to see if thats it.

Anyone had a similar problem?
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Check the ignition control unit, but if th4e starter does not turn check the solenoid, and any wiring to the starter.
yup, had that prob last year, do ur dash oil and water lights flash as usual, but if u try to turn on the head lights nothing happens (just parking lights)?
Mine went over the space of a week, and eventually the car wouldnt start atall, good luck trying to get it out.
I had to literally rip mine out.
you can run a cable to the solinoid on the starter from the positive terminal of the battery, that will check the solinoid is ok.
if thats ok its going to be the ignition switch
Sorry to but in, ensure the car is not in gear.

To correct my first statement, the battery is dead.

Tried to charge it tonight & it wouldn't take any.

Hopefully with a new one in tomorrow that will be me sorted
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Andy, sometimes it's better to lie, than tell the truth, lol

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Used a circuit tester and all conections were good

After some more searching the positive terminal on the starter was a bit loose, so did a swap for the one on the blue golf & car started first time
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