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2 Nitro RC cars, both 1:10 Scale.

Car 1 is a Cen GX1. About 5 years old and complete. Needs tuning - will run. Has 2 speed gear box + controller + spares

Car 2 is a Hobao Hyper 10. About 1.5 years old and in very good condition. It's barely broken in but also needs tuning. Again, 2 speed, controller + some spares.

Alfa 155 body shell - bit rough but not wrecked
Lotus Exige body shell - bit less rough
Ferrari VXX body shell - mint

Couple of sets of wheels inc 1 sexy set of Brand new BBS RS style rims and a set of Alloy BBS ish wheels.

Also, i'll throw in an electric Buggy 1:10 off road chassis and a Bowler Tomcat body shell which is new, painted silver/grey

Basically, a clear out of all the bit's i have inc a carry bag + tool box with loads of bits and pieces

The price is €250 no offers

Dublin - 0862848432

I'll try and get some pics together in the afternoon
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