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hello all,been meaning to register on this site along time ago as ive heard alot of good reports from other sites i frequent.

ive only got one VW in my fleet,a lovely 97 polo 1.0 AER. but have access to many as i work on them 24/7 for the last 10 years!
my daily skip is an 04 impreza spec c, which keeps Mr Gadaffi in his wealth of luxury over the last few years!
at 160 euro a week on fuel its nice to be able to come back to reality and ring the neck off my little polo for a fraction of that price and get a reality check.

the polo only comes out at the weekend as it means alot to me. we have spent many weekends getting her to an original legal specification of road worthiness.
time,blood,knuckle skin and tears have made it this way. i have yet to make this bond with the jap skip with as many hours spent tuning.

so anyway,hello to everybody here. some of you will recognise my user name from other sites.
ill be floating about if you need any tech advice and if i dont know the answer ill know somebody who will
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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