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my current daily driver, very happy with it.

and my current project, which has been on going for the last 3 years. pulled it out of a field in carlow where it spent 10 years. it was a taxi in carlow from 78 to 90. fully rebuilt everything and am now waiting to paint it. just need the weather to dry up.

a shot from the summer after all the welding and during the filling etc

and finally a shot of the whole bus primered

final 3 coats for the roof alpine white l90d

a shot of the sliding door after the new 10 inch lower skin was welded on, it also got a new inner frame

final colour for body work, just painted the sliding door cos its impossible to spray the back of it when its hung

next shots will probably be the final body coats after a bit more filling and flatting of primer


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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