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Im building a mk1 1.6gti for rallycross. It is well on the way. Im supposed
to be racing on the 19 feb. but don't think it will be done just in time. I have
sum pics but haven't got a clue how to post them up at the mo.

Also i have a mk1 gti shell wit a 2lt 16v (9a) fully lighened and balanced
bottom end, rebored, ported and polished head wit 285degree rally cams
on throttle boddies waiting to go in. I intend to have it as a road legal track
car if i can manage it. It will be totally striped out. Bare essentials only.
This 1 is a very long way off.
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Good man, where is the rallycross in feb. What's the spec of the rallycross car.

It is in "The Stock Hatch" category. It has to be basically the same as it was
when it was bought new. U are allowed upgrade the suspension. But it can't be
adjustable. Im getting Blisten. I have competition mintex pads wit new standard
discs. Braided hoses all round. Ashley system from down pipe.
Sparco 6point bolt in cage. Not sure to use 14" or 13" rims yet. Have to c what
size tyres i can get first. Every 1 uses the same tyre make. Also have perspex
windows apart from the windscreen. And i have a few little bits got for the fuel
and air systems.
Hopefully nobody will be able to notice those few bits.
I got an air tank off a scania for the petrol tank.It holds 6lts which is nearly
to big but it will do.I made brackets for it and put it back where the original tank
That is all i can think of at the mo. Ill try and get sum pics up.
It is in Mondello.
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QUOTE (vwgolf @ Jan 21 2006, 07:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And i have a few little bits got for...
the air systems.

What's that then bud? air system?
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What colour etc, will try and get there if poss.

sounds like quiet a project keep us informed,
as for the pics save them into a site like photobucket etc. and then use the insert image icon and then copy and paste the url from photobucket
@ red lexus. I phrased it wrong. I ment the throttle body
without saying to much. Not really allowed to do any such mods.

It is badly sprayed black. previous owner just sprayed
straight over the old colour with out sanding or anything
doesn't look the best, but im not to worried about the looks.
Won't make any diff to how it goes.

Ill let yew know when i have it ready. Have to try and
kick some peugeot butt. Most of the cars raced in the stock
hatch are 205gti's.
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any updates on these?
An update.
Car is driving now.

Left to do. cold air feed from head light to air box
fit bigger throttle body
get the tracking set
find why rad fan won't cut in on its own.
Put light alluminium sheeting under sum of the car to stop stones etc.
Fix wipers (stopped working)

Bring car up to Westward for tune up

Finely Drive the shit out of it.

Car is Badly sprayed Black wit 13" gti alloys. (Looks aren't everything)

Will try and sort out pics soon.
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Check if there is power to the fan switch, if so the it;s the switch. If not then it's a problem such as fuse etc. A quick repair, if switch is ok, would be to run a wire from the positive side of the battery to the fan switch.

Up date,
Got wipers sorted

Got hold of bigger throttle body. Will fit over the weekend.

Still have to sort out cooling problem. I think it is the temp sensor.

Will post more udates
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posty up a few pics of the rally-cross car when you get a chance.
will do. Ill try take a few pics over the weekend

The best i could do getting them up on the site first time.
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More updates,
Repainted the car Blue and White.
I had the rallycross mk1 over in Wales couple of months ago. Did ok,
had a few problems.
Clutch was slipping,
hard to start when hot,
Stopped twice in 1 race,
No back brakes.

I got a AP paddle clutch so thats sorted.
Going to start back at it again now soon to get it sorted for the next round on the 1st October.

I'm also starting to make a list for the 2lt 16v on TB's conversion into my other mk1 gti.
Would anyone have a list of stuff needed from a previous conversion as i'm sure ill forget lots of stuff.
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I have a list made up for the 2lt conversion. ill stick it up sum of the
days to c if i have forgotten much.

I will put up sum new pics of the rallycrosser and a few of my new
mk1 gti.
Well? I'm converting LHD MK1 LX to a 2.0L 16v GTI. Everythings gone spot on so far except for the wiring. I've had to change my ECU because it was from a late 1995 GTI MKIII and i couldnt get the immobiliser so i've now tracked down a 1994 MKIII ECU from a 2.0L 16V Golf. Any words of wisdome or shoul this work.

In relation to ur conversion i don't know as im using a complete
stand alone engine management system wit my TB's.
Up date on my 2 projects.
Rallycross mk1 is doing well. Just trying to fine tune the setup. Will see how
i get on in the championship this year.

2lt mk1 golf project.
I finally collected my 2lt (9a) from Weatward. Must be sitting up there over 2yrs now.
I have a Quaife diff got for a mk2 16v box.
I also got a 256mm brake setup off redlexus (cheers)
Have to get a gearbox now and reconditionn it and put in the new diff,
Here is a list of a few things.
Alternator to fit 9a engine including brakets
The connection the fit to the end of the head for the coolant hose.

Will post more updates later.
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Did you ever get any pics of the mk1 in action?
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