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Bought this car from Jimmy-the-dog, an absolute gent.

Here is the for sale thread:

need to do a few bits to get it through an NCT.

I took this photo when I got home this evening.

Other then trying to get my hands of a set of audioscape door pods (does anyone know where i can buy them, or even a good equivalent ) I dont have any major modifications planned, I'm just going to keep it pretty OEM however i do plan to do the following

Polybush the entire car
Replace engine mounts,
Replace gearbox output shaft seal
Full service including timing belt, and gearbox oil
Replace the fluid feed pipe to the power steering
Convert the rear calipers to mk4 calipers.
New Dizzy cap
Try to figure out why its running rich
New Rear bumper bar - it was slightly bent, not from an accident or anything, just a light touch with something
New Shocks
Replace the track rod ends
New rear springs - its sitting a bit low
Get hold of another headliner or get the existing headliner re trimmed
Replace the drivers door card
Replace the electric window switches

Thats it for now, I'm going to get cracking within the next few days..

All comments are welcome

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Looks tidy David. Good buy, nice plans there too.

Best of luck.
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