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So my first car I had was a 1.4 02 Silver Mk4 Golf that I did a good bit of work on.
Was in a very bad way when i first got it but it ended up looking like this

Which was a great transformation, over time i wanted more power and more economy so the time came to sell her and this is one of the last pics i have of her.

So when it sold I was on the look out for something cheap-ish , diesel , bit of spec and I decided I wanted another Mk4 Golf!
So saw this on Donedeal
99 Silver Mk4 "GTTDI" 110bhp with sunroof, cruise control, all electrics (Some step up from baseline 1.4
) and a few hours later she was mine

Came on a tatty set of RS8's which were the first things to go so I sold them.
Put on hubcaps until I sorted a set of wheels
Saw a set of Lm reps come up at a good price needing tyres so i bought them

18" x 8.5"

They wont be on until I have the coilovers in and spacers got also, any suggestions for size of spacers?
So far ive De-wipered the rear annnddd thats about it haha but I will be making more progress soon.

Plans are:
New wings :/
Black grill with silver VW badge
German or standard metal pressed plates (Cant decide yet)
Rear carbon wrapped / black badge
Debadge the rear GOLF and GTTDI
Anniversary front splitter or 4Motion splitter

Thats all for now!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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