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My Mk3

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'Bout time i got some pictures of the car on the site. Its not a bad example, but then again it can always go lower! It's only a 1.4, but its got factory colour coded bumpers, white dials, leather steering wheel, gti rear lights all from the factory. Its lowered about 90mm or so on an Apex kit, running on splits

The new year will bring debadged grill, angel eyes, coilovers and 2 new sets of rims. Wide steels for my daily driving and something very special for the shows!

Inside its got a 12" mtx 5500, mtx 6x9's and a set of alpine components all powered by a 6 channell amp. Believe me, it's loud.

It needs to be lower though!

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Looks well, rims look good on it
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Pics dont do it justice choco, have to hook you up with new reg plates awlrite, theyz abit ricey! Sorta thing u'd find on a 4door mk4 with a body kit, not an uber clean ride like yours!

sort you out with new logo/sticker for rear window soon too, will it be the first use of this in Ireland on a water pumper??

Respect blood!
Are those mk4 or Lupo wipers?
Lupo Gti wipers! including arms etc it cost around €100 which isnt too bad.
That price was pretty good. They look nice on a mk3, are they much of an improvement on the originals?
They're a good bit better alright, but then again its all about the look. Got them from my main stealers in wicklow. Nice friendly bunch!
Looks good!
You cant have a mk3 low enough!
I know from my vr

Best of luck with it!
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Thanks for the comments lads!

Its only too low when u start catching the sump over cats eyes! What coilovers are u running Richard?
Koni's they cost me 900 euro from tsr and really made the car 100 times better!
As for the catching on things, i remember when i first put them in i took a spin to drogheda and the car bottomed out on the road with the undulations in the surface, so it went up a sew mill then

The car is totally stripped to a bare shell for a respray and rebuild now, but it should be back on the road fairly soon so i will get some pics of the suspension drops up then
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Nice family car there

A bit better than a Kermit smart!

Looks really well! love the vr chin spoiler!
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good looking car. simple celan lines really suit Mk3's the new grill will really finish off the front
thats a good looking car and a very nice colour really suits the mark3
the wheels look good best of luck with it
I seen this car in the flesh and it's spotless, credit to ya Barry!
Get those pics up richard! Saw it one day in donnybrook and it was on the floor!

Thanks for the comments guys. Contemplating putting in a slightly bigger lump this year, but it might be too much hassle.
Choco, as our hood-hood-HOODRIDE bruvaz would say:

Here you go barry, nice and low!

i had to raise it to drive it as it was hitting the unveven surface on the lane, but that was a genuine photo opp

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Nice one Richard! It can never be too low! Might have to "adjust" the ride height this weekend. U ever had any problems with the Konis leaking?
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