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My Mk1 1.8gti

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Just thought seen as there is Corrados all over the joint , I would throw in the Mk1 for good measure.

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QUOTE (Brian @ Dec 21 2005, 09:29 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I thought that was for sale, no?

It is for sale
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A good few calling about it alright but you can soon, sort out the messers from the genuine callers, loads of offers but just not close enough to the asking price, not a great time of year to sell a car, but its insured now until next November, so there is no rush

Thanks for the nice comments, the plates do look great if I say so myself
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If your mate looks on he will find out anything he needs including my mobile


Thanks for the nice comments, It came from England alright, full restore with all the receipts, I got a few bits for it like the BBS rims,Wolfsburg steering wheel,chrome grille and chrome strips. Anytime I'm out in it I get nice comments from people admiring it, alot of people seem to have had Mk1's in the past
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Thanks for that Ronan
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