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My Gtd

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Here are some photos of my '91 Golf GTD:

I'm going to repaint the wheels in their traditional colour and out back on the centrecaps. And wipe the t!nt shite off the lights

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Car looked well last night Conor.

Paint looked well on it too.
Cheers doc, van looked well too! Just out admiring my rear axle set-up, I'll post you that money tomorrow
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No real updates at the moment. Just to thank DieselDave for hooking me up with the shortshift kit.He fitted it for me and all in less then five minutes, I got the fast, positive, sporty gear changes I was after, nice one!
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You didn't fit the Gti rear beam yet conor?
All happening this wednesday Billy, the scene is set, day off college, bushes in place, beam painted etc!
Will do sound man!
It has been a while since I updated this thread. Since the last post the 16V rear beam has been fitted, as have G60 front arches and the sill cover. I've also put the Half tinted rears on the 16v and put the standard ones back on the GTD, Not too sure about them in my opinion.

It's very difficult driving a car long distances 4 days a week and still trying to maintain the bodywork as much as possible.

tell me what you think.
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Looking well there Conor!

The Disks on the 16V rear beam looks the part! much difficulty fitting it?
QUOTE(T-Trimspec @ Feb 8 2008, 02:21 PM) [snapback]107614[/snapback]
Looking well there Conor!

16V rear beam looks the part! much difficulty fitting it?

Well the bushes were a pain to put in because I didn't have the thing for forcing them in, Luckily my grandfather had one, he also had the kit for flaring brakelines which came in handy because we basically replaced every brakeline at the rear. At the front the servo was a pain in the arse because the turbo housing was in the way so alot of prying and jimmying required there. But other than that it was straightforward enough.
Hey Conor,
The standard rear lights look good on the GTD. Car is looking great with the arches and sill trim fitted..
G60 Arches look well Conor. How did you go about fitting them?? I think they give the car a more meaner stance. Good work...
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Well after owning the car for 2 and a half years i've finally sold it. I had it NCT'd and VWvariant (Padraig) picked it up today. I'd like to wish him the best of luck with it and I hope it serves him as well as it did for me.

Since I've had it I've driven it over 25,000 miles, I'm going to miss that car.

Here's a quick montage!

Here are the last pictures I took this morning:

Thanks for looking.
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Seen this in Co. Kilkenny Yesterday. Still looks Great.
cheers Doc, God he must be travelling all over the place in it! Yeah I still really miss the car.
Cheers Brian, I still miss this car!
id love to have that gtd,you did a good job on it !
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