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My 16v Corrado

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I thought i would get in on the act and post a pic of my corrado daily driver 16v

I will throw up some pics of my project car in the project section too
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nice looking car rich
how is the engine replacement going on the other raddo..

ps how come the corrado section is not under the prestige thread....
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Brian, i know what you mean!

This one is the car i broke the engine in, i have the engine out but not had a minute to fir the new engine yet, so will do so over christmas
Throw up some pics of your car if you get a chance
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That sucks about the crank pully. Thought it was just an 8v problem. you must have some collection of engine bits and bobs at this stage.
yeah i have a few bits alright mark

I thought about trying to fix it but i would never be 100% confident in it, so i rekoned it would be worth just swapping for a new motor.

They rekon it is a fault with all vw's that use that stretch bolt, it should be changed as should the pulley with the timing belt
You live and learn

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is that youre other raddo further up in the last pic rich??? and pics of it
QUOTE (rmn @ Dec 20 2005, 12:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I like this car very much, look at the exhaust, and the stance of the car, savage
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Yeh it has a lovely stance in that first pic alright. Nice clean looking car.
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