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Mkiv Abs Light On Instrument Cluster

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Last week I put new top mount in my TDI. A few days later the ABS light came on the dash. Upon a bit of inspection the drivers side sensor plug looked like it was disturbed so I opened it and there was dirt in there so I cleaned it (there was dirt and moisture in there) and pulgged back in.
But the light is still on and ABS off. Is the sensor plug knackered or do I need to get it reset with vag-com?
Passenger side looks grand.

Also I have done polybushes on wishbones before but I am trying to put MKIV ones in and there are a fucker to get in, will any garage press them in, or I live about 25 mins from Martin Tracey so I might go over there. (who also has vag-com)
They are powerflex.
Any help appreciated.

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Mke sure the wires havent pulled out of the plug on the loom, pull back the rubber boot and make sure both wires are connected to the pins on the plug.
I've seen this on a copuple of cars lately.

QUOTE (Wolfsburg_TDI @ Jan 23 2006, 01:08 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Will the "leaving the battery disconnected over night and resetting the ECU" trick reset an airbag fault?

How do you go about resetting it? just go for a drive giving it various different conditions and let it learn all over again?


Not if you left it disconnected for a month.

Control module has to have faults read and then cleared.
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