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Mkiv Abs Light On Instrument Cluster

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Last week I put new top mount in my TDI. A few days later the ABS light came on the dash. Upon a bit of inspection the drivers side sensor plug looked like it was disturbed so I opened it and there was dirt in there so I cleaned it (there was dirt and moisture in there) and pulgged back in.
But the light is still on and ABS off. Is the sensor plug knackered or do I need to get it reset with vag-com?
Passenger side looks grand.

Also I have done polybushes on wishbones before but I am trying to put MKIV ones in and there are a fucker to get in, will any garage press them in, or I live about 25 mins from Martin Tracey so I might go over there. (who also has vag-com)
They are powerflex.
Any help appreciated.

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Will the "leaving the battery disconnected over night and resetting the ECU" trick reset an airbag fault?

How do you go about resetting it? just go for a drive giving it various different conditions and let it learn all over again?
I knew it was too good to be true! plus i dont have a month!

Can you do this with a VAG COM?
What we talking about here trevor? ball park figure - do i need software aswell?

Also wheres a good place to buy them? Ebay?
Legendary trevor cheers for that.

Would this do the trick trevor?

The NON CAN bus bit is throwing me off - what does it mean?
nice one trevor - ill be ordering it presently!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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