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I am wondering what si the difference in mk3 and mk4 inner cv's or driveshaft cups on the gearbox?

I remember reading somewhere about being able to use a mk4 box with a mk3 or corrado drive shaft by changing the cup the cv sits into?

Anyone got more info on this?

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i have a picture on my camera of a mk4 o2j box withthe flanges from a mk4 tdi, ill be putting the pics up in the project cars section in the next day or two(to promote my dodgy sideline buisness thingy

the mk4 gti flanges are 108mm and the tdi ones are 100mm and the corrado g60 shafts bolt straight up to them, i dont know yet what to do about cable change unit as i havent got that far, either swap shifter unit in the box to a corrado one or else ill use mk4 tdi shifter and cables.

the corrado cast alloy mount will bolt on by the diff but the steel brace needs to be modified.
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