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Mk4 Earth Problem

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A mate of mine in work here has a 00 Golf 1.4 and whenever he presses the brake pedal and the indicator is on the back of the car lights up like a Christmas tree.
I take it it's a bad earth, but is there a common place on golf that the earth goes?
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Same sort of thing was happening mine. When I pressed the break pedal an amber light on the dash was coming on. Turned out the connections on the rear light cluster had a few drops of water on them causing it to happen.
Definitly check and make sure that all is clean and dry. If wet, check the seal between the light and body. I have seen incorrect bulb's fitted causing this problem to. If that dosent cure it, check the connecting plug from the loom to the light and then the earth.

Cheers Lads
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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