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Mk3 Golf Alarm

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i had my golf lying up over the best part of the winter in a garage and when i went to start it up the lights on the dash just flickered on and the everything just shut down even the interior light, so i thought it was just a flat i decided to charge it with a battery charger and left it charging for 18 hrs and the same thing happened and i had the car running about 2 weeks beforehand, but when i have the bonnet open and press the button to activate/deactivate there is a real faith beep coming from the alarm unit. i have no idea what is wrong as i know nothing about alarms but all i know that i thinks its a laserline but not sure because it was on the car when i bought it, on the fob there is 2 buttons left and right and one in the middle above if anyone can recognise the fob and see what alarm it is

any comments very much appreciated ......
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I had kind of the same problem in mine before, because The battery in the Alarm was dead.
i had a key to turn it off manually under the Bonnet.

Don't know if this will be of any help?
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