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Mk3 8v Or 16v Power Steering Parts

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I need a mk3 gti 8 or 16v power steering pump mounting setup with or without the pump.
I have just finished gettting my corrado back on the road after some engine issues in mondello and when i converted the setup to wide belt as opposed to v belt my old brackets and pump wont line up unless i shim it out lots, not really up for that!
I checked in ETKA and apparently the 8v and 16v mk3's have the same pump and brackets
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i have a mk3 8v power steering pump from a 92 gti, the mounting bracket is on it and so is the pulley
What did you do to get the corrado sorted rich? Did you swap out the engine for a different one?
yeah its running a mk3 16v block(as before) but this time it is using the mk3 16v's belt tensioner system, it is a spring loaded system like the g60.
I used get regular issues with v belts polishing up and slipping so this was the natural way to overcome that, well i hope it was anyway

Now all thats left is to fit the power steering pump and its all back up and running
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The v belts can be a nuisance alright, especially the PAS one. You can get belt lubricant in an aerosol but I don't know what it's like, not that you'll be needing it now anyway.
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