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Lads i am doing a bit of a tidy up on parts i have here so will try and shift some stuff on

83mm ross racing pistons for use with g60 rods in a 1.8 block, they are brand new in the box and are suitable for a 16v turbo, 16v g60 or a 16v nos application as they lower the compression to 9:1.

G60 block, perfect for use with the above pistons

16V head (no cams)

16V KR cams, nice upgrade to a 2L 16v Corrado as they give more lift and as a result more power.

ABF cams, supposidly suitable for turbo'd apps from what is said, not sure myself though

16v metering head with braided steel lines (X2)

16v Cast exhaust manifold( the ones that crack on people)

mk2 scirocco panels(almost everything in good nicK)

mk2 gti 4 light grille

pm me for more info,

Koni top adjustable and Eibach spring kit for the corrado/golf 4 cylinder cars, these give a nice drop and dont make the car hard as nails, they are in my car at the moment but i am going for coilovers on this one too. You can have a drive in the car before i take them out to see the ride quality.

9A 2L 16v engine and ke motronic fuel system, comes with a polished 50mm inlet manifold.


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