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Mk2 Gti Dash

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The indicator light stays on the whole time(flashes on and off ok when indicator is on). I changed the relay and the switch but still no differance. The full beam light won't work either, is this just a bulb?
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problem must be in the clocks, the circut on the back of them can be a bit funny
i had that problem before, i changed the indicater switch and the loom from the steering column to the fusebox and it went away
The full beam light is just a bulb with a blue cover on it. The rest of the warning lights are leds.
Try plugging the hazard light switch out and re connect it firmly. If this fails, do the same with the instrument connectors at the back of your clocks. Did the MK2 ever come with Motometer clocks? does anyone know???
Yeah they came with VDO or Motometer. Mine has motometer.
Did u try checking the connection to the rear clusters? Mine did that until i found it was simply the mutliconnector on the cluster was loose!
WARNINGMy Indicator light is also on Perm. but works fine. it happened when my Alternator over charged the Battery (Boiling it) and blew the sh*t out of the Dash. The first thing to go wrong was the High beams in the car, for your own sake i would check what the alternator is putting out. thrust me it will be worth it ( I got stuck in the middle of nowhere and had to be towed 20 miles.) the smell of the blown battery would knock a horse!
Did'nt get a chance to do any work done on it yet, will have to check it during the week.
My sisters polo has just been taken into main dealers because she couldnt get the full beams down, its a 99 Polo saloon. (The 6n Type i think)
The problem they found,(also found on other polos also) was that the switch on the light stalk at the wheel had melted. Common issue it would seem so maybe, seeing as the mk3 stalks are much the same, it may be your bother. It was on the inner part of it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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