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Mk1 Seat Rails

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looking for mk1 golf/jetta/polo/derby seats, or just seat rails.

a rough set of fronts please-these will be cut up as i just and only need the rails so i can use them with a set of front aftermarket seats.

have a tidy interior for my mk1 derby- i just need rails to use these with now

as close to kilkenny as possible- and as cheap as possible as it is just rails i need.

Andrew 085 7070196
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mk2 golf & corrado are the same,
Also if your fabricating up a set you can use the rails from mk3 golf, vento
just need to move the outside leg in
id prefere to use mk1 rails, as the bar that moves in and out to allow the seat to slide is on the correct side for the derby. mk2 and corrado that bar is on the opposite side. it would just be easier to get mk1 rails to be honest. thanks tho.

if i cant find what im looking for-il just use a set of mk2 rails i have here.
I understood from your post you were cutting them up and only using the rails,
if you want it easier why dont you just get recaro or cobra subframes,
or Convert mk2 frames to suit mk1 its easy done,
Just be carefull that the frames your making up dont leave your seat sitting up to high
the way i converted the mk1 caddy for mk2/corrado seats was to weld 'an extra tube' ( from a scrap car/seat x-member bracket) to the shells seats crossmember bracket; on the tunnel side of the bracket; this way you can fit either mk1 or mk2 seats, and your seats remain 'unmodified' should you decide to change them/sell them on...
I have a pair of front Mk1 Golf seats.
I will swop them for something else. Anything from a needle to an anker.
Pm me or 0868875012.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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