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im looking for information on a brake up grade conversion please , its currently a mk1 13 inch 4 hole wheel on a mk1 brake set up , i wish to upgrade to discs all round , will the NEW DISCS be 5 hole or 4 hole wheel fitting please ,

Has any one a complete brake convertion for sale please

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to make a rite job of the brakes heres what i did

mk2 golf m/c and servo
scirocco 16v front caliper carriers with 256mm discs and pads from mk2 16v golf
mk2 golf rear stub axles with mk3 golf rear calipers and mk2 golf discs
you will need to get mk2 scirocco 16v handbrake cables in order to work rear discs
also make sure to fit the mk1 gti rear brake valve
i made up all new copper brake lines


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you'll find it hard to source mid eighties audi calipers n carriers, or late sirocco ones here; an alternative is 96 on opel vectra 256mm calipers n carriers; the bolt holes line up with the mk1 stub; you just need sleeved longer bolts to fit them.
Mk2 late 16v stubs n discs at the rear, with either mk4 calipers or the original mk2 ones, once all the seals have been renewed and the innards cleaned up (tread about it on here).

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you could also go for volvo 245 estate calipers, depending on your current setup they will bolt up with an adapter, so you keep your 4x100 fitment
you'll need rover 216 gti 262mm discs, and some pipework
you may need to go for a bigger wheel than 15, or fit spacers, or grind some of the caliper off.
adapter size

this is what you should end up with, more than enough to bring your mk1 to a swift halt.
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