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This little baby caught my eye as I was driving the other day!

Tire Car Vehicle Plant Vehicle registration plate

Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Plant

Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood

Its in Licate, Sicily though! Some nice parts on this I would have liked. My limited Italien was put to the test when the owner stepped out. A bit of "quanto costa" by me pointing at the car and a bit of "ciao ciao" by him...but it was the goodbye (get lost) ciao he was on about, not the friendly hello. This is Mafia country so I done what he said.

Also had a look at the old pits used during the great Targa Florio road races. These pits are just outside Cerda in the Madonie Mountains. Then Drove the 77km circuit which is open public road and well kept as if there was a race in the morning or something. Some great driving roads here, how did they ever race on them! 13 laps with over 700 corners per lap!?

Tree Plant Shade Urban design House

Plant Building Window Tree Land lot

Sky Building Condominium Urban design Tower block

Sky Motor vehicle Tree Infrastructure Road surface


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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