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Koni Shocks

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Im sure that some of the lads here can help me,
what im asking is how to adjust the damping on a set of Koni adjustable shocks at the front, i know there is a Koni tool for doing this but can it be done with anything else?? and as for adjusting the damping is it clockwise to increase damping and it should move in a series of clicks or is it anticlockwise to increase, should i only give it a quater turn or half turn any advice lads, or mabey 2 clicks or 5 clicks clockwise???

thanks in advance
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i have weitecs on mine, but lost the key for turning it, lucky i had it set to what i wanted before i lost it, but i think clockwise is to hardin and anti to soften, ive been told just to use a visegrips but it looks quite fragile in my opinion.

Theres no clikcing anyhting on mine.
You can see the round plastic thing further down the page, that's what I use to adjust it

I'll check at lunch how many turns each way & let you know

There's no clicking or notches & you could use anything, but be careful with it cause it is fragile.

QUOTE I'll check at lunch how many turns each way & let you know
cheers TonyD your a star
thats just what i wanted to know
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I checked mine & it takes two full turns with the little white thing.

I depends how high/low the car is to set the damper on it

ie When I have the car low the spring is longer & therefore I need to harden the shock to stop it from being bouncy & when the car is high, the spring is tighter & I need to have the shock on the softest setting or else the car feels like a go-cart!

I have the car up high now & have the shock set to softest because of all the ramps around my workplace. I only adjust the front and leave the back as I have to remove the shock to adjust the height/damper to do that one

It's takes a bit of adjustment, but after a while, you'll find it quite easy to know what way suits the roads/conditions of driving

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