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Jomo Discounts

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Open this I suppose.

JOMO Engineering is offering discounts to any members on work or parts or even both. We supply APEX, Koni, KYB, suspension, Pipercross, EBC, Scorpion, and Magnecor. We undertake service, repair electrics and engine mods. We are also in the process of building a flow bench to improve our head porting facilities. We also import spark plugs that are difficult to source in Ireland.

All the best to the new forum.

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Hey john sounds Good you should get a bit of work from here. they all seem to love building stange VW. lol.
any website?
Website in process, but it's hard to get the time. Give us a call on 044-76700 if ya like.

Killucan, Co Westmeath, About 10 min's from Kinnegad, 20 min's from Mullingar. Call on 044-76700.

Happy Christmas to all and a great new year.


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I can vouch for the work done there. John is 110%.
My mk2 is having a 16v engine swap that John is rebuilding and installing for me, as well as a few other trick things. My 16v should be ready a few weeks into 2006 and I really cant wait. Its been a great learning experience as Johns let me watch and learn as he goes through all the processes of building my engine. The amount of knowledge that he has is unreal.

I really am greatful to John @ Jomo for the amazingly high (sometimes anal) attention to detail. Most garages just want you in and out quick and get your money off you. With John its obvious that working on cars and engineering is a passion.

I know a few people have on Vage have had work done by John, but I just wanted to say thanks

Cheers John
i see you do spring kits was wondering if you would be able to help me i have a 1989 caddy and am looking for 2 lowering springs for the front if you can help as i dont know if they are mk1 or mk2 springs.
There from a Mk1, but can only sell as a set of 4. We will give a good discount as a menber of the forum. We can do 35mm or 60 mm drop. Look's lots better with a 60mm drop, as when you turn the rear axle upside down, the caddy will slope towards the front and is well cool. There's also a life time warranty on all the spring kits.

What exhaust systems do you supply ?
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