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Howya From A Noo Mem Birr

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New member, great new site, got an ould passat, nothing fancy, love VWs since the ma bought her new Golf C in '83, my ABS engine is currently ready to be lifted out tomorrow please God with the hiab on me truck so that I can do the head gasket and all the oil seals, as I said a nothin fancy, plain car, big probs, and a spanner wannabee takin his time
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Welcome aboard, get some pics up of the Passat if you get a chance
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Hi there jimmy. The Hiab is a handy joke!
We got the loan of one before to lift an old tractor out of a paddock and over a wall, and onto the back of the truck
. The engine was out and there was the front axle on her either so we couldn't tow it along the road anyway.
I know it's a usless piece of information but I just thought I'd share it with you...

What year is your Passat?
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Welcome aboard. A hiab, nothing like making sure the tool is big enough.

wil reply shortly ... just atein some superquinn sausages right now!
heres a pic of the current situation as of 2 o'clock today, and as of tonight in the engine bay -1 degrees I reckon*****.JPG

dont bother downloading the attached files, too long


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Must be a long reach on that hiab if you could park
the truck across the road.
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