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Help...mk2 16v Mystery Oil Leak

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My mk2 developed a heavy oil leak couple of weeks ago. Have just had the head gasket and rocker gasket done, drove it home, pool of oil under car again and a bit of smoke from manifold. washed engine down, stood under it running for 10 mins, no leak, drove it home, pool of oil again. Is there something im missing, any known problem areas. Front of the engine is bone dry, problem seems to be around the exhaust manifold at the back, very hard to see. Any help appreciated
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At a guess ide say rocker gasket above the manifold.

How big is the pool of oil??

Who refitted the head for you and was the sump dropped??
Sometimes oil press and temp switches leak out the connection!
only real place it can be at the back of the engine is the rocker cover or maybe a temp/pressure sensor. its defo not gear oil? i used Dirko sealer on my new rocker cover gasket coz they never really seal properly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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