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Help Boot Won't Open

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ok the boot has always worked off the central locking of the car.. never used the key.

About 3 weeks ago i closed the boot door locked the car and haven't been able to open the boot since. central locking on all dors still work perfect but boot doesn't unlock.. now the biggest problem is the key won't go into it either. will it goes in but won't turn.

my question is can the boot be opened from inside the boot.. i know in the mk2 and mk3 you can open from the inside by pressing across i little tab near the lock.. but i can't seem to see it on the mk4. plus with all the plastics i can see fup all..

any help appreciated.. i got a quote of 185 for a new lock for the boot door that will work with the key but don't reckon it will be colout coded so thats an extra cost. would like to try remove lock and clean first to see what the story id but can't with out opening the boot..

thank in advance
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cheers for that john. i know what i'll be doing new years eve morning..

now where is my hammer
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