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Headrest Dvd System

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I need to get my Jeep sorted with a few things but don't know where to go to get it done. I want the following but don't know how much it should cost or if its all possible or not. Any advice is apprecitated.

I want 2 headrest monitors, 2 wireless headphones & a DVD player. I want to be able to have the Screens audio on the headphones or the car speakers so that if someone is watching a DVD you can still use the radio or if not use the speakers. I also want to be able to hook up my Xbox 360 whenever I want. I don't want to change my headunit or current speakers.

So, what do I need to do. I can't do it myself so thats not an option. Thanks again.
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Safesounds in Dundalk do quality work and the guy who owns it is a vw head aswell.
See the work before you get it done. I've seen so many of these systems in cars and if not finished well, will look like a disaster. I don't know anyone to reccomend, but take as much advice from the forum. Don't go cheap, as you will always regret it.

Want to spend about €1,000 which I hope should be enough?
This lot should get ya started anyway

Will need an fm modulator also, depending on your headunit.
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