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Geo And Glenn's Vento Trackcar Project

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Well I said I'd stick it in project cars but hopefully the project stage of it is mostly behind us now

The story begins last March when Glenn caught me in a moment of weakness and persuaded me to get involved in a track car project with him.

Anyway, I agreed in principle and we decided that something VAG with 6 cylinders or thereabouts was the way to go.

So next thing I know we are the proud(ish) owners of this: A 93 Vento VR6 with 119k on the clock and a somewhat unusual engine position

What had happened was the top timing chain tensioner rail had thrown its liner down into the sump, with the inevitable result that the chain lost tension and the timing slipped, bending a few valves etc...

Yer man who owned the car had then taken out the engine and box and stripped them down. When we got the car the head had been reconditioned and most of the bits needed to put the engine back together were there (eg gaskets, new chains, tensioner, head studs etc)

So the first thing I did when we got the car was to take out all the boxes of engine parts out of the car and try and get all the bits and pieces arranged in one place so I could figure out where everything was supposed to go.

So when I did that this is what it all looked like:

I sorted out all the bits as best I could and put all the stuff into boxes and left it for the following weekend.

I had a look at the bottom end and decided to leave it alone, there was a small amount of wear on the bores but nothing too bad and I didn't want the hassle of having to run the engine in after putting rings on it or whatever, so I just cleaned up the tops of the bores where they had some surface rust on them and left it at that.

Having done my research on how to set up the timing I assembled the bottom end timing chain, guide rail and tensioner, then reassembled the head and put on the top chain and rails. At that stage this is what the engine looked like.

The timing was all set up, just needed the timing covers, flywheel and clutch put back on and then the gearbox could be attached.

The old clutch arrived in the car in one of the boxes but it had been left out in the rain or something and wasn't in the best of shape so I got it reconditioned. When it came back it looked like new I couldn't believe it was the same one

I put on the clutch and bolted on the gearbox, starter etc and basically got the whole thing ready to put back in the car then the following day I installed it in the car. I noticed as I was putting it back together that the clutch slave cylinder was fupped so I left it off and also didn't connect up the gear shift cables or driveshafts. I just concentrated on getting the engine running.

When I had connected everthing up I turned the engine over for 30 seconds or so with the plug taken off the coil pack. This was just to build up the oil pressure a bit for the chain tensioner (which is oil pressure driven)

Then I reconnected the coil pack and she started first time

Pictures taken at that stage:

Excuse the appearance of the engine I didn't put back any of the covers on it as the head had to be re-torqued after the engine had been run for a while.

The following weekend I re-fitted the driveshafts and gearshift cables and also fitted a new clutch slave cylinder. Replaced a leaking water pipe and went for a blast on my private test track

Then re-torqued the head and we were back in business.

As regards setting the car up for use on the track the following has been done:

Standard suspension has been binned and replaced with coilovers (totally transformed the car, its like a go kart now compared to before)

EBC yellow stuff pads fitted all round

Goodridge braided lines fitted

Old brake fluid which looked like it had been in the system since 1993 replaced with Castrol SRF racing brake fluid

Stupid looking jetex cone filter which was sucking in nice warm air from the engine bay (although admittedly sounding pretty nice while doing it) replaced with oe airbox and filter.

Interior has been stripped out and a bucket seat with 4 point harness has been installed for the driver.
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fantastic job done there mate and a great read
its something ide love to be able to do someday, strip down an engine and gearbox and
rebuild it, be that mechaincally compatent

well done you should be chuffed with youreself
Thanks lads,

Thats not the end of the story, few other events to include. I'll bring it up to date and add some more pictures and videos when I get a chance.
Those yellow pads are some yokes I'd say, they're full race spec! What sort of front discs are on it?
Yellow pads turned into grey crumbly pads last time Geo took it out. On drilled discs at the mo, soon to be replaced with 288's
I thought the yellow pads would be good but they couldn't stand up to the treatment I gave them

2 full days and they looked like this:

First and last time I'll buy EBC brakes.

Going with 288s and pagids so we'll test them soon enough
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So to continue the story anyway...

The car did 2 trackdays and then the gearbox let go in a big way when I was downshifting into third while braking for turn one in Mondello.

Here are some pics of the carnage when I took the 'box out. When I break things at least I do it properly

We got a corrado box and put that in and we were good to go. The only day the car has done since was a month or so ago in Mondello. I have some pictures and videos from the day that I will dig out and put up here shortly.
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Were those EBC pads new or secondhand? They got some roasting
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We bought them new. In fairness it was probably asking a bit much of the standard 280mm brakes to stop the car on track. I was showing them no mercy at all so wasn't really surprised to see them in that state.
Sorry, I sent the first post before I mentioned the diff, was gone before I got to stop it.

Anyway, the teeth on that bevel gear seem a bit worn alright, what exactly happened?
Well I was told after the event that the diff pins let go in those gearboxes if they get driven hard so I'd imagine that's what happened. The gear was just in the wrong place at the wrong time I think and was dislodged by a belt of a diff pin

I didn't bother investigating any further than the pictures you see there I just fitted the other gearbox and drove on
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Ya, I heard that too now that you mention it, I think there's a kit you can get to replace the standard setup. Still, if you could get another diff that other box might be ok for again.
Yeah you can get a kit to bolt them afaik. If you were going to go that far though it would be an idea to get an lsd. Getting the power down coming out of bends can be a problem.

I reckon we'll see how long this box lasts and take it from there.
An LSD would be a good idea no doubt (if you could afford one).
Well that's always the problem isn't it

Still waiting for that elusive lotto win
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Here are a few on-track pictures of the vento and some other forum member's cars:

Vento on the pit straight:

DaveC's track car:

A sweet (and quick) mk1 16v:

Rmn on track in his 16v corrado:

VST's 'flash passat'

And here's a video taken from on board a maxda mx6 V6. The first part of the video is the very first session of the day when I was out on road tyres just to see what the track was like (it was very frosty earlier on when we arrived)

The second part is in the afternoon when I was on the slicks. I had a great dice with piers (in the mazda) before I passed him, it's a pity he didn't have a camera in the rear window as well.

right click save as

Here is some onboard video footage a mate of mine took.

Bits to watch out for include the end of my out lap at Dunlop when James in the 309 came out of nowhere to overtake me on the inside and the very end where he is all over Dave's golf on the pit straight.

Right click and save as:

High Quality (40Mb)

Lower Quality (12Mb)
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I just couldnt let him past infront of everyone.....he actually spun off as he tried to go round me on the outside at turn 1 after that episode on the straight.....all I had to do was get round once without a mistake and he could never open his mouth again....unfortunately, that was not gonna happen....I went off out the country and he caught and passed me....again...he's still going on about it....I hate admitting it, but he is very very quick now with that Mi16i engine
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QUOTE (Geo @ Dec 21 2005, 11:49 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Going with 288s and pagids so we'll test them soon enough

Pagid pads didn't stand up to much abuse on track in the G40
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Pagid pads didn't stand up to much abuse on track in the G40

WHat abuse???
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