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G60 Banjo Bolts

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Do any one know the VW part number for the 2 banjo bolts for the G60 supercharger?
Or if anyone has 2 to sell or can borrow me them I can replace them in the new year from VW.
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Go to a Bosch dealer and get fuel bolts for a diesel fuel pump
Cheers Gearoid. Now to find a Bosch dealer in the south east area
No bother, I am sure other places would do them too, sorry for the short reply the last time I was under pressure in work for a change

If you take the bolts with you I am sure they could match them up.
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That's the problem Geriod, I don't have them. And I don't know the sizes or part numbers?
Ah bollox'y bollox, I'd say try steve in pitstop for the size.
QUOTE (8valver @ Dec 22 2005, 04:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is this holding up the car??
Yeah it is Valver, I have everything else to put the car together over the Christmas period
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Was reading in another forum that the banjo bolts off the fuel lines on a Golf with k-jet will fit.
Anyone know if this is true?
Bollox, would it be any help to you if I see if I can remove my bolts and get a set and get them up to you by christmas week?
QUOTE (Brian @ Dec 22 2005, 04:46 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Yeah it is Valver, I have everything else to put the car together over the Christmas period

Well if its all you are missing I will have a look for you as I think I may have some and you can replace them whenever you get round to it. Wouldnt like to see the car held up over that. Was just asking because I would have to go rooting around for them. DO you have the oil feed and return lines.
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I can give you a loan of some when I'm down getting the mk2 stuff Brian. Just remind me to bring them when I'm going down!
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