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Fueling Problem (i Think)

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Im trying to get as much work done to the car (digi 8v mk2) while im here at home for xmas,
so ive been looking to clean the throttle body for ages!
so i tried taking it off but the allen bolts were rounded already so i thought...
why not just spray in the carb cleaner into the throttle body w/ it on the car, with the throttle closed..
did that, but now with everything back where i found it, the car will only start from time to time
and idle at around 500rpm for 20secs or so, then die again.
Gonna leave it sit for a while incase its flooded but...

Any ideas whats wrong with it, or how to fix it?!

what kind of bother would show if the airflow meter was shot?
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I assume it was ok before? Mebbe you've dislodged some crud and its jamming the butterfly?
Agree with previous. Open the throttle and spray cleaner in and wipe gently with a clean cloth. You may have to do this several times. When all assembled, start the engine and rev a few times. All should be ok if no pipes or connections are lekt disconnected.

Been playing with it since yesterday, tried what you suggested but its not having any of it.
The butterfly in both the big and small are opening without hesitation.
It seems to be flooding itself after a couple of seconds, it ran fine for 10-15 secs at first turn dis morning, but slowly flooded again.
Now will only start same as before.
I took pictures as i was doing it and i can see anything i missed putting it back together.
Id say one thing if i had taken off the throttle body but i only cleaned in around it.
i also cleaned the isv valve but that seems to be buzzing very loudly sometimes.
just to let ye know, found out what was wrong with the car, it wasnt anything to do with the fueling, it was the 2nd pin on the air flow meter above the air filter had come loose and wasnt allowing any air into the throttle body.
Ahh...of course I was just about to suggest that.....! lol
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