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1989 ford sierra 1.8 petrol. 4 door manual. Good sound car, been off the road for a bit as i'd intended keeping it any tidying it up a little.
It needs a leak in the petrol tank fixed, a rear bumper (corner missing) and a driver's side electric window mechanism. Starts up and drives grand other than that. Cheap for a sierra at €550
It hasn't had any abuse either, unlike most that you'd buy small money

Have a scorpio also, 2.0 petrol manual. was my uncle's car and i got it from him but never got around to doing anything with it. Has a misfire that needs to be sorted, but it'll hold revs and it'll start up and drive away. price on that is €250ono

I'm in Co.Limerick.

want to get them moved on quick if possible as i need a diesel motor to tip around in

Pm me if any interest. or call, my number is 0851470217
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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