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Can someone shed some light on this one?

Have a 2009 2.0tdi 140HP golf which just got the timing belt and pump changed two weeks ago..

Today I noticed it was idling at around 1000K rpm compared to the usual 750ish and it is juddering and shaking a lot..

If I rev the car on the way back down I can hear a loud shushing noise like dry grinding if that makes sense..

If I turn the car off and back on its perfect until I drive it for a few mins then it starts again..

The exhaust side if the turbo is getting extremely hot and after driving you can smell it burning..

Nobody seems to be able to pin point the problem but since I got the belt and pump done the coolant level rises to way above maximum when it's hot and when itd cold it sits around minimum.. I have argued with the mechanic that it's not right but he thinks it's okay but it never used to do that before he got it..

If anyone could help at all I would greatly appreciate it before I end up spending 100s replacing egr coolers and dpfs

Thanks 😊
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