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Watch out.....
I am a victim of the latest scam in Dublin which is happening at the
Dundrum Shopping Centre .
Two good looking 18 year old Polish women come to your car as you
are parking your car.
One starts wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, the other
comes to your window saying 'hi' while bending over with her bre *sts almost
coming out of her blouse, impossible not to look, when you thank them and
offer them a tip, they say No and beg you for a ride to Town.
You agree and tell them to sit in the back. On the way they start
having s*x in the back seat. Then one of them performs oral sex on you, while
the other one steals your wallet.
I was assaulted last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I
couldn't find them Saturday or Sunday.
Be careful

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this IS a genuine one.... between dundrum and newcastle (up north) there used to be a woman sat thumbing a lift. she always carried a tin of beer in a brown paper bag. some say she used to be a prostitute, but obviously there wasnt much custom at her age. anyone that stopped to offer a lift, if she fancied them she would affer a little "hand relief" for free. if she didnt shed threaten to p1ss all over the seat if you didnt give her whatever money you had in the car. this is genuine, although obviously it never happened to me. gary (aka raven) would have been cruising in newcastle too all those years ago, perhaps he can add to the story/confirm it??????????
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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